'Blaine Elderton', a UK based singer/songwriter, is no stranger to the music scene. Since beginning his music career at the tender age of 15 he has been lead vocalist with various bands, including Bedfordshire bands Portion and Blew, before joining London based Electro Rockers, Jynxt.

A charismatic performer combined with his wild-man antics and distinctive, yet powerful voice Blaine certainly has the right rock credentials.

Having spent the summer working with producer Greg Stephenson at the Perry Road Studios in Cambs, England, a first rate rock album was born - filled with emotive, atmospheric tracks and power driven guitars. From the opening track of 'Where Did All The Money Go?' a question on the lips of many performers, through to the anthemic choruses of 'Crazy in my Mind' and 'History'. 'Are you sitting comfortably' has propelled Blaine's voice and performance to another level.

Are You Sitting Comfortably is released on 17th October.

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