Soothsayer is a British acoustic soul band, formed in Cambridgeshire, England in the 2013 and comprising friends: Anthony Hughes, Ed Collis and Josh Kasozi.

Whilst recording their debut EP the band were spotted and signed to Perry Road Records and sent straight back into the Perry Road Recording Studios with Producer, Greg Stephenson, to turn their EP into a Debut Album.

So far their material has received high praise with reviewers often noting their use of vocal harmonies. “As close as you can get to fraternal harmony without a DNA link”….

Anthony Hughes ; Lead Guitar – Anthony, originally rocking the sultry accent tones of brummie land lived and travelled around for a few years before moving to the market town of St Neots in Cambridgeshire where by a rare chance of coincidence ended up working with Ed Collis and Josh Kasozi, and eventually forming Soothsayer. Originally a metalcore guitarist and dabbling in death metal vocals Anthony always had a soft spot for soul, motown and the bluesy tones of Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. “I’ve played in a few hard-core bands throughout the years, but nothing that had the soulful groove I’ve been looking for like Soothsayer. I still like to keep some slight nuances of my metal playing past in my guitar work though! ”

Ed Collis; Guitar, Harmonies - Ed picked up his first guitar at the age of 12 and soon learned to play his favourite songs. From there he started writing his own material and playing in live music venues, picking up many influences along the way. Working for the same company brought Ed, Anthony and Josh together and from their Soothsayer was born. “Soothsayer gives me the platform to further my ability and enjoy music as my true passion so long may it continue” Ed

Josh Kasozi; Vocals – Growing up in a big, big family with six siblings music has always been a huge part of Josh’s life, from spontaneous renditions of motown soul while doing chores to singing in church on Sundays. Music has always been a true inspiration for Josh and a strong bond in his family. “Performing on stage has to be the greatest feeling I’ve known and with Soothsayer long may it continue. Peace out” Josh.

"Soothsayer" by Soothsayer

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