"Are You Sitting Comfortably" by Blaine Elderton

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'Are You Sitting Comfortably' is the debut album from Blaine Elderton, Recorded and Produced at Perry Road Studios, Buckden, Cambs.

A first rate rock album filled with emotive, atmospheric tracks and power driven guitars.  'Are you sitting comfortably' is a treat to the ears. From the opening track of 'Where Did All The Money Go?' a question on the lips of many performers, through to the anthemic choruses of 'Crazy in my Mind' and 'History'.  'Are you sitting comfortably' has propelled Blaine's voice and performance to another level.

After months of hard work, "Are You Sitting Comfortable" is now in post production and will hit the shelves before Christmas.

Track List
Intro Blaine Elderton
Where did all the money go
A-list baby
Crazy in my mind
Dark & cold
Cold steel friend
You don't know me
Wot can I do
Don't come around
Time to kill
Bonus Tracks
A-list baby - acoustic
Mesmerized - strum & bass

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